Thursday, May 31, 2018

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*Something brand new: 

I have a limited online store on Square. Right now, it's limited to canvas prints of the blowfish and crabs, and my "Got Fries" t-shirt. 

If you wish to check it out, 

the link is:

2023 Arts Festival Schedule

Arts festivals generally begin in May. I will update my events as I am accepted to shows. In the meantime, if you need a special piece, please contact me at

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Trish Doty, an Annapolis-area watercolor artist. I enjoy painting both en plein air (on location) and in my studio. I have participated in several plein air competitions and national and international exhibits. My artwork spans a variety of subjects – many being familiar scenes from our beloved DelMarVa. As the wife of a veteran, I also like to sprinkle paintings devoted to oversea areas where I've been lucky to live or visit. 

I also enjoy creating custom works. While many of these are paintings of beloved homes, I have also done a variety of other subjects. If you want artwork for yourself or to give as a gift, I would love to create a personal piece of artwork. 

Framing Information - American Frame (my current favorite) and Dick Blick have numerous choices of Nielsen Bainbridge aluminum, metal and wood frames that can accommodate paintings of all sizes. Other online art supply stores also offer the Nielsen frames, but these two seem to give you far greater choices. These frames are sold as "frame sections". For one size, you receive 2 sections of the same length, so when you place your order, you order one for the length and one for the height. When you receive your order, four pieces plus the hardware that allows you to construct and hang it will arrive. You will need a piece of picture wire to string from one side of the hanger hardware to the other. They will also provide the right size mat and the Plexi Glass (I recommend you get an acid free mat to protect your work).

I am fond of the Florentine Grey style 11, but there are other style and color choices to suite the buyer.

Other online stores that carry Nielsen include MisterArt and, etc. You could also order parts from your local frame store, which would give you the opportunity to see some of the frames in person.

Plexi Glas can be purchased from your local hardware stores, from glass suppliers (like Maryland Glass) and from plastic stores (like Annapolis Maritime Plastics). You can have the glass or plastics folk cut it to size, but some of the hardware stores will not. However, Plexi Glas is very simple to cut by scoring it carefully with a utility knife, going back one or two more times with more pressure and then snapping it at the cut.

If you have purchased a piece that does not have a mat it is because I like to “float” larger works on top of mat board (also available from Dick Blick or any framer). I make hinges from linen tape to hold them in place before placing them in the frame.

Here is a you tube video to show you how put the metal frame together: